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Prof. Dr. phil. Nikola Kompa

Hochschullehrerinnen, Prüfungsausschuss

Tel.: +49 541 969-7109

CV / Werdegang


I am currently holding a professorship of Theoretical Philosophy (since 2011). I work on a variety of topics within the field of theoretical philosophy, with a clear focus on issues pertaining to epistemic justification/knowledge on the one hand and theories of meaning and language comprehension on the other.


MA in philosophy, University of Munich/Germany 1996 (philosophy/logic & philosophy of science/psychology).

PhD in philosophy, University of Munich/Germany 1998 (PhD examination in philosophy/logic & philosophy of science/psychology).

Habilitation in philosophy, University of Muenster/Germany 2008.

Previous Positions:

2009-20011: Assistant Professor of Theoretical Philosophy; University of Bern/Switzerland;  

2002-2009: Assistant, University of Muenster/Germany;  

1999-2002: Lecturer of philosophy; University of Munich/Germany.

Visiting Positions:

2002: Visiting scholar at New York University

1999/2000: Visiting scholar at New York University

Grants, fellowships and awards:

Doctoral scholarship, Free State of Bavaria (1996-1998). Postdoctoral grant, German Research Foundation (DFG) (1999-2000). Research grant, German Research Foundation (DFG) (2000-2002). DFG-network “A Priori Justification” (2005-2007). Prize for Excellence in Academic Research, awarded annually by the Society for the Advancement of the Wilhelms-University at Muenster/Germany (2009). Joint Israel-Lower-Saxony Research Grant (VW) Is Knowledge relative? PIs: Prof. Igal Kvart (Hebrew University); Prof. Dr. Nikola Kompa.  PI, DFG-Reserach Training Group Situated Cognition Bochum/Osnabruck).