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M.A. Johannes Brinz

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeitende

Tel.: +49 541969-7114


Philosophy of mind
Philosophy of AI
Philosophy of neuromorphic AI 


Johannes Brinz is interested in the philosophy of mind and artificial intelligence, with a focus on whether AI models can achieve phenomenological consciousness through neuromorphic hardware implementation. His research delves into the relationship between hardware and consciousness, emphasizing the relevance of neuromorphic engineering to the study of AI. He questions whether computationalism, the belief that mental states can be defined as computational states, is false and whether biological theories of consciousness can instead provide a more accurate understanding of the nature of conscious experience. Given that assumption, he explores the possibility of conscious machines, and whether the utilization of neuromorphic hardware is necessary to achieve this goal, stressing that replicating rather than simulating the key aspects of the human brain is essential.

His research is informed by an interdisciplinary approach that draws on philosophy of mind, neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Johannes Brinz believes that understanding the physical makeup of the brain is crucial for developing intelligent machines. His work challenges the traditional view of computationalism, which holds that the mind can be reduced to a set of computational rules, and advocates for a more holistic view of consciousness that takes into account not only computation but also the hardware in which it is implemented.