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Begleitseminar zum Studienprojekt: Dimensions of Personal Autonomy



Personal autonomy has been a central theme of practical philosophy from about the 1970s to the present, and is of "existential" interest, so to speak.
Important initial questions are:
When, under what circumstances, has one actually made a (major) decision in one's life in a truly free and self-determined manner? When are a person's fundamental values and attitudes really their own? When do they merely reflect the person's upbringing and social circumstances, without the person having really made the values their own?

Basically, the idea is that after a phase of joint orientation, the participants each look for a particular focus on the topic and work on it persistently, so that in the end a longer seminar paper emerges. This focus can be, for example, an author, but also a field. The idea of the whole project is that we stay in continuous discussion, report on progress and problems in the meetings, and read and comment on each other's texts; each participant can thus simultaneously acquire a particular perspective on the debate and gain a certain overview of the field.

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Veranstaltungsart: Seminar (Offizielle Lehrveranstaltungen)
Veranstaltungsnummer: 8.3490
Ort: nicht angegeben
Zeiten: Di. 08:00 - 12:00 (wöchentlich)
Erster Termin: Di., 05.04.2022 08:00 - 12:00


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